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Best Buy Shark Duo Clean

Choosing the best vacuum for your needs can be a tricky task, which is why narrowing your choices down to a particular brand can help. Shark is one of those brands whose products cover all the cleaning bases and their vacuums are popular with those looking for an alternative to more expensive brands such as Dyson and Miele.

best buy shark duo clean

To ensure we can properly compare the performance of all the vacuum cleaners we test, we put them through a barrage of challenging tests. We measure suction to get an idea of how powerful each vacuum is. If they use batteries, we time how long it takes for them to run down. Where the device has more than one power setting, we repeat the tests on them all.

We also test their cleaning ability with measured spills of flour and Cheerios, on both hard floor and carpet. Each vacuum is given one pass to to see how much it can collect, and we weigh how much is collected to compare to every other vacuum we've previously tested.

Shark produces excellent upright vacuum cleaners and superb cordless sticks, but the Shark ICZ300UKT falls between the two. It comes with many of the benefits of an upright vacuum cleaner but uses a removable battery to free it from the wall socket while in use.

Larger houses need a solid, sturdy vacuum cleaner that can tackle everything, from rooms with wall-to-wall carpet to hard floors and tricky stairs. The Shark DuoClean Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Lift-Away is the perfect fit, delivering a fine balance between heavy-duty floor coverage and the flexibility to get into tricky corners and high places.

Shark has a wide range of cordless stick vacuum cleaners that are all good options for their price. If you want the absolute best of the bunch, though, look for one with PowerFins in the name, such as this IZ300UKT.

When you need to, you can disconnect the handle from the extension pole and use it as a handheld vacuum, attaching one of the supplied tools to help tackle a wide variety of cleaning jobs, from getting into crevices to brushing the pet hair off upholstery.

Giving the whole house a once-over with an upright or stick vacuum cleaner is one thing, but there are times when all you need is a tool to perform a spot clean or tidy up a single spillage. The Shark Cordless HandVac Pet Model is perfect for this. It comes with a handy motorised head that we found worked effectively for collecting any stubborn mess, not just pet hair, and is also supplied with a crevice tool and a brush attachment.

To clean a Shark vacuum, empty the dust bin after each use. Additionally, you may choose to lightly tap excess dirt and debris from the filters into a garbage can. Re-install the filters and dustbin once you're done.

Most Shark vacuums have reusable filters that you can rinse under water (without soap). They'll need at least 24 hours to air dry completely, but afterward you can re-install them. You'll know the filters are due for a cleaning when the airflow or suction decreases.

Most Shark vacuums have a five-year warranty, which shows you about how long they're built to last. However, use and care factors will have a large impact on how long a vacuum sticks around in your home. Consumer Reports cites the average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner as being eight years.

The best Shark vacuum we've tested is the Shark Stratos Cordless. This cordless stick vacuum sits at the top of Shark's lineup of cordless stick options and features a broad range of convenience features. One of the most significant is its Clean Sense IQ system, which uses infrared sensors to adjust its suction power on the fly depending on how much debris is being picked up, resulting in improved performance on most surfaces compared to its immediate predecessor, the Shark Vertex Pro Lightweight. It also features an odor-neutralizing system that works via a replaceable cartridge in its floorhead, which is handy for pet owners. Its folding wand makes it easy to clean under most furniture while reducing its vertical footprint when it's stowed away.

It has the newest iteration of Shark's DuoClean twin-roller floorhead, comprised of a soft roller and a self-cleaning finned roller. Despite this self-cleaning billing, pet hair can still get trapped in it, and since this primary brushroll isn't removable, it can be a bit of a nuisance to clean. This vacuum can run for up to an hour on a charge, which is pretty good by the standards of other cordless vacuums. If you don't want to worry about running out of charge, the Shark Stratos UltraLight is a solid option, even if it lacks the cordless model's automatic power adjustment feature, has a smaller dustbin, and has a non-folding wand.

Check out the Shark Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away if you're looking for something a little cheaper, as it's one of the best Shark vacuums for pet hair we've tested. While its upright design makes it bulkier and less maneuverable than a stick vacuum like the Shark Stratos Cordless, the flip side of this larger body is a bigger dustbin with a greater debris capacity, so you won't have to empty its dustbin quite as often. Performance is superb on a wide range of surfaces, as it easily clears away debris on hard floors and low and high-pile carpet. There are two different surface settings for bare floors and carpeting, though they only change the speed of its brushroll and not the height of its floorhead, so it's still liable to get stuck on rug tassels and thick carpeting. Unfortunately, it lacks the Stratos' automatic power adjustment feature and odor-neutralizing system.

It uses a similar 'Lift-Away' design to many other conventional Shark uprights, which lets you pick up and carry its canister body separately from its floorhead, so you can easily clean under tables and chairs with its hose. However, it's worth noting that it isn't as well-suited to cleaning large areas as corded models, as it can only run for about 40 minutes when used in its traditional upright configuration. If you aren't entirely sold on the vacuum's cordless design and prefer using a corded vacuum for longer cleaning sessions, the Shark APEX UpLight is a fantastic alternative that delivers similar performance.

The Shark Rotator Lift-Away ADV is a great choice if you're looking for a Shark vacuum that's a little more affordable and among the best Shark vacuums for pet hair that we've tested. While it's bulkier than the cordless Shark Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away, it's worth a look if you prioritize deep cleaning performance and don't want to worry about running out of charge. Its dual-brushroll head helps it clear away debris on a wide range of surfaces, from bare floors to low and high-pile carpet, and it's pretty effective in dealing with messes in shallow cracks and crevices.

This vacuum uses the brand's 'Lift-Away' design, which lets you pick up and carry its canister body separately from its floorhead, making it easier to clean tight spots. While its range is limited compared to cordless models, the power cord is pretty long, meaning you can clean larger areas without swapping outlets. Still, if you don't want to worry about sticking close to a power outlet, the Shark Cordless Pet Plus is the best cordless Shark vacuum at a mid-range price point that we've tested. It's more maneuverable than the Rotator ADV but falls short in debris pickup performance.

The Shark Rocket Corded is the best budget Shark vacuum we've tested. Compared to a higher-end model like the Shark Rotator Lift-Away ADV, this corded stick vacuum doesn't feel especially sturdy, has a smaller dustbin, and a weaker suction motor, so you'll probably need to make an extra pass or two to fully clear away the same amount of debris. Nevertheless, this is still a good option for something affordable. At just over eight pounds, it's heavier than many cordless stick vacuums, but it's still much lighter than the Rotator, making it a lot easier to maneuver in tight spots or to pick up and carry around.

Unfortunately, this vacuum is a bit of a hassle to keep clean; its floorhead's brushroll isn't removable, making it hard to clear away any tangled hair, and the latch that opens its dustbin can be a little tricky to access. Despite its relatively compact dimensions, it also takes up a bit of room when not in use.

The best Shark robot vacuum we've tested is the Shark AI Ultra Robot, and it's worth a look if you don't need the deep-cleaning performance of a manually-operated vacuum like the Shark Rotator Lift-Away ADV. This robot vacuum can automatically empty its dustbin into an external dirt compartment mounted to its charging dock, reducing hands-on maintenance requirements. The AV2501AE variant has an extra-large dock with room for 60 days' worth of debris. Its LIDAR mapping sensor allows for quick and precise room mapping, and you can use its companion app to schedule cleaning sessions or set up no-go zones to prevent the vacuum from entering an area where it might get stuck or knock over something delicate.

However, it's worth noting that the SharkClean app is slow and buggy and occasionally provides incorrect status updates. This robot vacuum doesn't have a surface detection system that would allow it to change its suction power mode automatically. To adjust its cleaning mode, manually select it through its companion app for every cleaning job.

The Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ is the best cordless Shark vacuum with a handheld design that we've tested. Unlike the Shark Rocket Corded or any other Shark stick vacuum, it's only intended for quick spot-cleaning sessions. It does a fantastic job dealing with pet hair and solid debris on flat, even surfaces and delivers a superb overall performance on carpets and rugs. It feels well-built and has a simple design that incurs few recurring costs. It comes with a crevice tool for tackling messes in tight corners, a hard-bristle brush to dislodge stuck-on dirt and debris, and a turbo brush for cleaning furniture, though it isn't very effective for dealing with pet hair on upholstered surfaces.

Unfortunately, this vacuum's battery life of little over 10 minutes isn't especially noteworthy, even by the standards of other cordless stick vacuums, and you'll need to work fast when cleaning bigger messes. It also has terrible air filtration performance, so it isn't the best option if you suffer from allergies. If that's a concern, consider the Shark WANDVAC, which does a much better job of sealing in allergens like pet dander; you can further bolster its filtration performance by purchasing an aftermarket HEPA filter. However, it's pricier than the UltraCyclone and has a much smaller dustbin. 041b061a72

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