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Granny: Chapter Two - More Puzzles, More Danger, More Fun

Granny: A Special Bond Between Generations

Everyone has a special name for their grandmother: Grandma, Nana, Nonna, Oma, Abuela, and so on. Regardless of what you call her, if you are lucky enough to have her, she is probably pretty awesome. Full of wisdom, recipes, and life lessons, she probably let you get away with things your parents wouldn't. In this article, we will explore what makes a granny so special and how you can celebrate your bond with her.

What is a granny?

A granny is an informal term for a grandmother, which is the mother of one's parent. The word granny comes from the word grannam, which was a colloquial pronunciation of grandam in the mid-17th century. A granny is not only a relative, but also a role model, a teacher, a friend, and sometimes even a second mother.


Why are grannies important?

Grannies are important for many reasons. They provide love, support, guidance, and comfort to their grandchildren. They also pass on their values, traditions, culture, and history to the younger generations. Studies have shown that having a close relationship with a grandmother can have positive effects on both the physical and mental health of the grandchildren. Grannies can also help their adult children with childcare, household chores, or financial assistance.

Granny quotes

There are many quotes that capture the essence of being or having a granny. Here are some of our favorites:

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  • "A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend." - Unknown

  • "If nothing is going well, call your grandmother." - Italian Proverb

  • "Having a grandmother is like having an army. This is a grandchild's ultimate privilege: knowing that someone is on your side, always, whatever the details." - Fredrik Backman

  • "It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace." - Christopher Morley

  • "If becoming a grandmother was only a matter of choice, I should advise every one of you straight away to become one." - Marie Dressler

Granny games

One of the best ways to bond with your granny is to play games with her. Games can stimulate the brain, improve memory, reduce stress, and enhance mood. They can also be fun and entertaining for both parties. Here are some games that you and your granny can enjoy together:

  • Granny: This is a horror game where you have to escape from a creepy house where an evil granny keeps you locked in. You have to be careful and quiet as she hears everything and will chase you if she finds you. You can hide in closets or under beds or use weapons to knock her out. You have five days to get out or else...

  • Scrabble: This is a classic word game where you have to form words with letter tiles on a board. You can score points by making words with high-value letters or using bonus squares. You can also challenge your granny if you think she made an invalid word. You can play online or offline, with friends or strangers, or even with a computer

  • Grandma's Game: This is a memory game where you have to remember what grandma packed in her suitcase. You start by saying "Grandma went on a trip and she packed..." and then add an item. The next person has to repeat the previous items and add a new one. The game continues until someone forgets an item or repeats one. You can make the game more challenging by using a theme, such as animals, colors, or countries

Granny crochet

Crochet is a craft that involves creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or other materials using a crochet hook. It is similar to knitting, but uses only one hook instead of two needles. Crochet can be used to make various items, such as hats, scarves, blankets, bags, toys, and more. Crochet is a skill that many grannies have mastered and can share with their grandchildren. Here are some benefits of learning crochet from your granny:

  • Creative expression: Crochet allows you to express your creativity and personality by choosing your own colors, patterns, and designs. You can also customize your projects to suit your preferences or needs.

  • Mental stimulation: Crochet can help improve your concentration, memory, problem-solving, and math skills. It can also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by providing a relaxing and rewarding activity.

  • Social connection: Crochet can help you bond with your granny by spending quality time together, sharing stories, and learning from each other. You can also join crochet groups or communities online or offline to meet new people and make friends.


Granny is more than just a name. It is a term of endearment, respect, and gratitude for the woman who has given you so much. Whether she is your biological grandmother, your step-grandmother, or your adoptive grandmother, she deserves your love and appreciation. You can show her how much you care by spending time with her, listening to her, learning from her, and playing with her. You can also surprise her with a handmade gift, such as a crochet item that you made with her help. Remember, grannies are not old-fashioned or boring. They are fun-loving, adventurous, and wise. They are the best!

Do you have a granny story to share? We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or contact us at [email].

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some other names for granny?

Some other names for granny are: Gramma, Grammy, Grams, Gran, Nanny, Nan, Mimi, Oma, Abuela, Nonna, Baba, Yaya, and more.

  • What are some gifts for grannies?

Some gifts for grannies are: photo albums, personalized mugs, jewelry boxes, candles, scarves, slippers, books, puzzles, plants, chocolates, and more.

  • What are some activities for grannies and grandchildren?

Some activities for grannies and grandchildren are: baking, gardening, reading, knitting, painting, hiking, fishing, camping, shopping, watching movies, playing cards, and more.

  • How can I find my granny's ancestors?

One way to find your granny's ancestors is to use online genealogy websites or databases, such as,, or You can also ask your granny for any documents or records that she might have, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, or immigration papers. You can also interview your granny and other relatives to learn more about your family history and stories.

  • How can I say thank you to my granny?

There are many ways to say thank you to your granny. You can write her a thank you note or card, call her or video chat with her, give her a hug or a kiss, make her a meal or a treat, do something nice for her or help her with something, or simply tell her how much you appreciate her and love her.

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