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Buy Used Vinyl Online Extra Quality

Preserving a collection of '60s and' 70s music is easier with used vinyl records. Even if the hits of the favorite bands from your youth haven't been remastered on CDs, the original vinyl may still be available. eBay lists thousands of preowned vinyl records for sale in different sizes and speeds and from a variety of musical genres.

buy used vinyl online

Buying used records on vinyl can be a good idea when older recordings are no longer in circulation. Many vintage records have not been converted to the CD format. It can also be useful for DJs and collectors to buy older vinyl to expand their collections. You may have noticed that it is becoming common for current groups to issue vinyl releases, and this means that some used vinyl records for sale are in greater demand and can become more difficult to find.

It depends on the record you want to purchase. An album on vinyl that is collectible or has important musical significance can cost many times the price of a CD. Used albums that achieved modest sales or were given vast distribution can cost much less depending on the musical artist. Here are a few factors that can influence the price of used records:

Some new stereo systems include a turntable that will allow you to play vinyl records. This is becoming more common thanks to the resurgence of vinyl. You will be able to identify which stereo systems will play older records by looking for a turntable. There are also stereo systems that will allow you to transfer your vinyl recordings to digital files.

Presto Classical has a solid selection of classical records up for grabs. You can browse its general selection, or narrow down your search by era (like Renaissance or Baroque), by music type (Opera or Chamber), or by awards won. In the store, you can purchase vinyl directly, and even add others to your Wishlist to purchase later on.

Founded in 2001, Bakersfield's Going Underground Records is Central California's largest and longest running vinyl record store and has recently expanded with a new brick-and-mortar location in Los Angeles!

Ready to build a prestigious record collection to show off to your friends? This collection is filled with good quality original vinyl records that will definitely blow your mind. Take a browse, you won't regret it.

Record Mirror was founded by the British editor Isidore Green in 1954. Until 1991 this newspaper was published weekly. During the 1980s it was the only music paper that carried official UK singles and albums charts which were used by the BBC for Radio 1 as well as for Top of the Pops. In this collection you can find several copies from the 80s!

Hip Hop as a genre of music is instantly recognizable. Samples from soul and funk records, vinyl scratching and a special form of poetry known as rapping, are some of its key elements. This sound originated in the Bronx in the late 1970s and has had a worldwide influence. It is often said that the golden age of hip hop was in the nineties. Whatever decade you prefer - we have a wide variety of American and German hip-hop in this collection.

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Sorry State pays top dollar for collectible vinyl, including punk, metal, classic rock, jazz, and other desirable records. Other stores will try to lowball you and give you pennies per record, but we pride ourselves on being honest, fair, and up front. Even if you don't know what you have we'll let you know the market value of your vinyl. Bring your records by the store or we're happy to come to you. Just email or call the store's phone number below to set up an appointment.

If you're in or near Raleigh, North Carolina, come and visit the Sorry State Records retail store! We have everything that's listed on the web site, plus tons of used vinyl, cassettes, stereo equipment, and shirts that are not listed on the site. It's definitely worth the trip!

We will buy your used and unwanted vinyl records, cassettes, CDs and vintage audio equipment! Just stop in and we'll be able to give you a quote within 24 hours for your used items. If your collection is quite large, give us a call to arrange an appointment.

SolSta Records is a brick and mortar retailer of new and vintage vinyl records on the edge of St. Louis Park's downtown district. We have our entire inventory of Vintage Vinyl online so you can "flip through the bins" from wherever you are.

This Chicago-based record store is really impressive. Dusty Groove first started selling music online in 1996 as a hobby, according to their site. But business was booming and a few months later, they started selling records in person and had a massive turnout. So if you end up loving your online shopping experience, you could visit the actual store too.

Pre-1970s vinyl is generally considered as some of the best original pressings you can get. You can even find reissues that were created pre-70s which sound fantastic. A couple of reasons why original pressings sound so good from this period is because it was a golden age for record production and basically the only medium that people bought their records on. Care was taken to produce them and the competition was rife, so record companies would compete to create the best mixes and production techniques. There was also a very skilled labour force and many production plants of which were still relatively new and in perfect working order.

Hello, Jaimie: Thanks for this very helpful article. It explains a lot of things about a vinyl that I was clueless about. Question: When a seller says that the LP has been ultrasonically cleaned, should I watch out for anything? It seems good to get the dirt off an old LP, but are the labels in danger, etc.?

Jamie: At my local record store, I had a conversation with the employee about a record I just purchased on eBay for $30; it was a Barnes and Noble 2015 exclusive version featuring two extra tracks. Now the only listing of that same record is over $170; I am not interested in selling the album and I know the record dealer on eBay is just trying to turn a profit. The employee showed no interest in the conversation which was a disappointment to me. And why I am glad to have found this forum, Your discussion of vinyl (original or reissue) is the type of info I am looking to read,

Not really a simple question to answer, some re-issues sound miles than the originals as the 20-30 years of technology ie half speed masters and better gear can improve the sound significantly (see 2014 beatles mono) probably the best versions of most of the beatles records. But there are also moments where the re-issues are done badly (see rem green). Totally depends on the source analogue tape source sound warm, but digital source can give you more detail, the mastering engineer (see some good ones bob ludwig, kevin Gray, Bernie Grundman) and the technology used, and then also the pressing plant and label. As an audio engineer, some advice is have a listen and do your research. There are terrible re-issues and terrible originals, hope you get the good ones

Known for their expansive selection, Music Direct makes for a seamless online buying experience. Shop by label (Mobile Fidelity, Warner Bros., etc.), new vinyl, out-of-print vinyl, or of course by record size. With about 300 out-of-print records and 100 brand-new, the collection is on the smaller, more deliberate side. Music Direct is also known for selling audiophile hardware, from high-end turntables to amps, speakers, and record accessories.

Independent since 2011! Darkside Records is the Hudson Valley's largest brick & mortar independent music store. we offer a vast selection of new and used music on Vinyl, CD and Cassette, as well as turntables, movies, gifts, t-shirts, books, posters, and more!

So as you can see, the stakes are high. And finally, because we will have two of everything, assuming all goes well, we may even sell one complete set of records to you, the record buying, blog reading public. Online. Or face to face. But probably online.

In my local record shop prices for second hand vinyl has risen sharply in the past couple of years and where there used to be an opportunity to pick up some nice stuff at a reasonable price this has now become an opportunistic money grab.

2. ALL ALBUMS SOLD ON OUR WEBSITE ARE NEW, SEALED VINYL. We do not sell CD's, cassettes, etc. Any used vinyl that we sell online is through our Discogs page under the vendor name Morrow_Records. We do not sell any used vinyl on this website.

MORROW RECORDS is a vinyl lover's paradise, a unique record store located in Florence, Kentucky stocked with over 30,000 new and used vinyl records, as well as turntables, speakers, and accessories. WE BUY RECORDS!! We pride ourselves on having one the most complete and well-organized selections of new vinyl in the tri-state area. Our used vinyl section is large and constantly changing, with new additions hitting the shelves almost daily (follow us on Instagram or Facebook for videos/pics of our latest arrivals!).

Preview any used record before you buy in our Listening Room, and take advantage of our ultrasonic Record Cleaning Service. Flip through our massive selection of new and used vinyl, browse our $1 and Clearance sections, and check out our ever-changing array of higher-priced collectible vinyl. Come experience Morrow Records for yourself! 041b061a72

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