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Microlearning: New Approaches To A More Effecti...

Unlike other learning methods, which assume all learners understand, focus, and retain information in the same way, microlearning applies a more individualized learning model. It allows learners to start at their current level of understanding and progress accordingly. Learners engage with information in diverse ways that appeal to various cognitive approaches, giving everyone the chance to find what works for them.

Microlearning: New Approaches To A More Effecti...

Adding variety to instructional approaches results in more engaging microlearning. After the information is presented, you can test your students on the material they just learned and maybe even offer a self-evaluation.

Result: Participants were still using a collaborative approach to design-thinking and using performance support tools, when surveyed six months later. Management reports that innovative approaches are seen in current elearning designs, making their overall elearning more effective. 041b061a72

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