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Foster Grant Multi Focus Reading Glasses Where To Buy !NEW!

I would love to have multi focus that ALSO blocks blue light. I have been searching but cannot find glasses that combine BOTH features. Since the multi focus is specifically made for working on a computer, why not tint them?

foster grant multi focus reading glasses where to buy

Excellent question and great point! At this time, Multi Focus is very young in its product development and based on your suggestion, along with others, we are hoping to offer additional features in the future. Until that time, we have e.Readers, which help reduce harmful blue light and are perfect for using electronic devices. They can be found at the following link: -grant-e-reading-glasses/

Difficulty reading up close becomes more of a problem as time goes by. Fortunately, multiple eyeglass manufacturers have developed their own answer to solving this problem by creating different variations of multifocus glasses.

If the claims are valid, then it would eliminate the need for wearers to have multiple reading glasses. And, you could just carry one pair for basically the rest of your life. So, I got a couple and began to analyze them to see how these claims are possible and if it works.

Are you sick of taking your reading glasses off to talk to someone or look at your laptop? These invisible computer glasses provide focal points, so you can read, look at your monitor and have a conversation with a friend or coworker without having to take them off! These are great multi-focal working readers.

(BPT) -- Your 40th birthday was a while ago and since then, print looks like it's been getting smaller. Moving printed matter farther from your eyes to bring it into focus worked for a while, but now you're stretching your arm as far as it will reach. Since that arm's not going to get any longer, it may be time to get some reading glasses.

A study by FGX International, the owner of the Foster Grant brand, found nearly half of people 40 and older who wear single-focus reading glasses take them off 10 or more times a day. Having to remove readers is irritating, embarrassing and hinders productivity, the majority of wearers said in the survey. The arrival of reading glasses with multiple strengths is changing the way people use readers.

Foster Grant Multi-Focus reading glasses offer three different magnification zones in the lenses of a single pair of glasses. Users can keep the glasses on and still be able to focus comfortably on things farther away. It's not necessary to remove the glasses in order to refocus from printed matter to something else, sparing users the time and aggravation of removing glasses and putting them back on. Since you remove the glasses less frequently, there's less chance of misplacing them - so you no longer need to buy multiple pairs to leave around the house or keep replacing pairs you took off and lost.

For most people, reading glasses are an inevitable part of growing older. But they don't have to be an irritation, or something you're embarrassed to wear. A little shopping around can help you find readers in a style, magnification and focus options that work best for your lifestyle. Visit to find readers that are right for you.

A favorite among both men and women, the McKay multi focus reader by Foster Grant is where style meets the ultimate functionality. These stylish round frames feature three different strength in one pair of glasses. Perfect for reading, using a computer and interacting. Select your normal strength. 041b061a72

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