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Suaratembakansenjatawav23: A Collection of Gunshot Sound Effects

Suaratembakansenjatawav23 is a term that refers to a collection of gunshot sound effects in WAV format. The term is derived from the Indonesian words "suara" (sound), "tembakan" (shot), "senjata" (weapon), and "wav" (a common audio file format). The term is often used by sound designers, video editors, and hobbyists who need realistic and high-quality gunshot sounds for their projects.

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The collection consists of various types of gunshot sounds, such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and sniper rifles. The sounds are recorded from different distances and angles, and include echoes, ricochets, bullet impacts, and shell casings. The collection also features some sound effects of gun reloading, cocking, and safety switches.

The collection was originally uploaded on YouTube by a user named Rinzakustik, who claimed to have created the sound effects using a software called FL Studio. The video has over 1.1 million views and 12.4 thousand subscribers as of September 2023. The video description also provides a link to download the sound effects in WAV format. However, some users have reported that the link is broken or contains malware.

Another source of the collection is BandLab, a social music platform that allows users to create and share music online. A user named 0congmar0graphto uploaded the collection on BandLab and provided a different link to download the sound effects. The link leads to a website called Urloso, which requires users to complete a survey or an offer before accessing the download. The legitimacy and safety of this link are also questionable.

Therefore, users who are interested in downloading the suaratembakansenjatawav23 collection should be careful and cautious about the sources and links they use. They should also scan their devices for viruses or malware after downloading the files. Alternatively, they can look for other sources of gunshot sound effects that are more reliable and trustworthy.

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